Careless Talk is a collection of audio podcasts intended primarily for young people, 8 to 18 years, on topics chosen by them. At this site visitors can download podcasts and suggest topics for future conversations. They can also find links to news stories that might be of interest to people in their age range. Visitors to the site can suggest news articles to include here. So, much of the content on the site and in the podcasts is chosen by the people who use the site.

The main aim of Careless Talk is to provide children and adolescents with recorded conversations they can listen to whenever they feel like it, on topics that interest them. The idea for these podcasts came up during a car journey with boys aged 8 and 9 years, listening to a chat show intended for adults. The boys were trying to follow the conversation, but most of it had little meaning or relevance for them. Why isn’t there something like this for them? Well, now there is.